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Caroline Mbirua is a Kenyan visual artist based in Kiserian, Kajiado county, Kenya. She is a graduate of the Creative Art Centre in Nairobi. Since graduating she has specialised in creating impressionistic landscapes and semi-abstract paintings in oils and acrylics on canvas.

Caroline derives her inspiration from the wide array of colours and light in the flora and fauna found in the rich Kenyan natural habitats.

Her pieces invoke feelings of nostalgia due to the dreamy atmospheric blends of colour in the backgrounds of beautiful acacia trees and mountain sceneries of the semi-arid paradise.

Mbirua has exhibited her work extensively and has had numerous art residencies and workshops in Kenya as well as Egypt, Zambia and Tanzania.

She aspires to continue exploring and creating more works of art while also inspiring future generations.

Caroline Mbirua

Caroline Mbirua