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Damba Ismail Musoke was born in 1982 in Rubaga, Kampala, Uganda. Joined Makekere University’s Margeret Towell’s School of Industrial and Fine Art in 2002 and graduated in 2005 with a BIFA Hons majoring in illustrations and drawing.

Brought up by the Ngoma International Artists workshop, (an organization that promotes Ugandan up-and-coming and established Artists), this opened his door to participate in workshops, exhibitions, public works and exposed him to the Art world beyond borders with many prominent artists all over the world. Winning several prizes and awards in painting and printmaking.

Damba’s inspiration is drawn from his surroundings and the environment he lives in. Nature, human social relations, wildlife, everything. His love for wildlife particularly the birds is unmistakable. The Egrets, herons, marabou stalks, peacocks, guinea fowls, etc. “They live in a better world than we.”

In 2006, the World Bank through its art program in Africa saw seven woodcuts and paintings being permanently collected and are currently hanging in their Washington DC premises. He also exhibited at Nommo Gallery, Tulifanya gallery, Afriart gallery, Aidchild, Design Agenda gallery, UGCS, Alliance Francaise in Uganda. But also in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, France, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, USA, and Canada among others.

Damba currently lives and works in Kampala Uganda with a group of his fellow artists where they started the Njovu Art studio. The studio hosts 5 different styles and techniques of five contemporary artists.

Damba Ismail

Damba Ismail