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Mwebe graduated with a BA in Arts from the MArgaret Trowel School of Fine Art at Makere University in 1975. He first taught at several colleges in Uganda before moving to teach art at the Kenyatta University College in Nairobi. He would eventually give up teaching to become a full-time artist, a decision that saw him become one of the most prominent artists in East Africa.

A long-time resident of Kenya who passed on in Feruary 2016 while awaiting a pacemaker implant, Mwebe was an exceptionally talented and innovative sculptor, designer and buider. A true creative, his works include interior design, furniture design, painting, architectural design, industrial design and environmental art.

Famous for his pursuit of perfection, this virtue enabled him to earn the trust of his clients who would ultimately grant him the freedom to conceptualise their ideas.

His signature carving style partiularly his unique African combs produced in various sizes are legendary. He went on to achieve commercial independence by commissioning his work to universities, architects and churches. His extraordinary artworks have been seen in public areas throughout East Africa.

Mwebe represented East Africa in USAID Mid-America International Fellowship and Residency Programme in 1993 and 1994 and continued on his quest for excellence in the arts alongside his son Michelangelo until his death.

Mwebe has passed on the baton not only to his son Michelangelo, but, also to other emerging artists.

Expedito Mwebe

Expedito Mwebe





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