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Kalule Herbert Albert Kasule, known in the art world simply as "Kalule," is a gifted Ugandan artist who embarked on his creative journey at the esteemed Afriart gallery in 2003, right after completing his formal education. Mesmerized by the artistic wonders surrounding him, he began experimenting and honing his skills, eventually blossoming into a remarkable self-taught artist. A mere year later, he accomplished a significant milestone by selling his very first painting.

Fabric serves as Kalule's canvas of choice, and through his tie and dye painting technique, he expertly weaves symbols of yesteryears into the tapestry of the modern era. Drawing inspiration from his fashion designer mother, he expanded his repertoire in 2007, venturing into the creation of fabrics, batiks, wall hangings, and materials for interior design and fashion.

Kalule's artistic style exudes a captivating figurative portrayal, unveiling the inherent boldness within every individual. His use of vibrant colors not only captures the essence of our surrounding environments but also delves into the roots and heritage of African people. The characters and movements that grace his paintings seamlessly reflect the rhythmic pulse of social daily activities.

Within the mesmerizing gaze of the eyes depicted in his artwork lies the heart of profound meaning and thematic exploration. Each piece becomes a poignant storyteller, narrating tales of specific stories and subjects that resonate deeply with the observer.

Today, Kalule's studio stands in Wakiso, Uganda, where his work is fueled by the rich tapestry of social activities surrounding both male and female human experiences. Moreover, he skillfully crafts total colorful abstracts, each narrating the remarkable journey of African cotton fabrics, imprinted and adorned through his tie and dye techniques.

The symbols depicted in Kalule's art are drawn from the depths of African traditions, a bridge between the past and the present, reflecting the unending cycle of life and change.

His illustrious career is further highlighted by numerous solo and group exhibitions, showcasing his extraordinary talent to the world. Since 2011, Kalule has been an integral part of the esteemed Umoja Art Gallery, contributing to its vibrant artistic community.

Kalule's masterpieces have graced the galleries of various countries, including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Belgium. Notably, his awe-inspiring works can be found in renowned galleries such as Banana Hill, Photizo (Nairobi), Cultural Heritage (Arusha), and Umoja (Uganda).

As you delve into the enchanting realm of Kalule's art, you are invited to partake in a cultural journey that transcends time and connects the rich African heritage with the contemporary world. Through his intellectually evocative pieces, Kalule beckons collectors and art enthusiasts to embrace the essence of African traditions, the beauty of our shared humanity, and the profound stories hidden within each stroke of his brush. Experience the captivating allure of Kalule's art and acquire a piece that encapsulates the boundless spirit of Africa.

Kalule Herbert

Kalule Herbert



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