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Karishma Sameer is a talented Kenyan artist known for her captivating depictions of women and nature in various stages. Her early affinity for the arts paved the way for a dedicated pursuit of contemporary painting.

In a societal context where gender roles often constrain women, Karishma draws inspiration from their journeys of defying limitations. The inherent nurturing quality of women, juxtaposed with their aspirations, forms a central narrative in her creations. She skillfully weaves together the generosity of nature and the resilience of women, portraying this fusion as a recurring motif.

Karishma's artistic approach seamlessly merges the worlds of impressionism and expressionism. Proficient in both monochrome and polychrome techniques, she adeptly navigates oil and water-based mediums to bring depth and life to her works.

Her artistic journey commenced during her formative years in high school, where she diligently cultivated her skills. Later, she further refined her artistry at the GoDown Arts Centre, marking a significant step in her evolution as an artist.

Karishma Sameer

Karishma Sameer



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