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Kivuthi Mbuno distinctive style, at times referred to as primitive or unschooled, often depicts images of soflty presented animals in harmoniously fantastical envoronments of a bygone time. Mbuno’s worldview oscillates between two poles: he will paint a whole series of ‘happy’ paintings for a time and then paint ‘problem’ paintings for the next period. On the whole, Mbuno’s ‘happy’ paintings outnumber the ‘problem’ ones. His most successful are those of people and animals when faced with calamity.

Consostent on his style and inspired by Africa's culture and environment, particularlycthe traditional life of the Kamba trive, Mbuno has worke steadily and his work has been severally featured in museums and galleries in Kenya and abroad.

In 2013, Mbuno was given the honour of representing Kenya at the 55th edition of the prestigious Venice Biennale

Kivuthi Mbuno

Kivuthi Mbuno




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