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Elizabeth Kiambi, also known as Leezie, is a Kenyan artist based in Nairobi. She studied fine art and design and has been in the art industry for about five years. She has also collaborated with a company called Black Rhino VR to create and learn 3D paintings, in which she employs the Tilt Brush and Quill as software. 

She is influenced by human emotions, as she believes there is more to a physical face. Leezie tries to paint the inner person and their soul, which depicts their true identity, emotions, and feelings combined. She believes art is meant to console those who are broken by life.

Her main aim is to touch someone’s soul through her paintings. Colours can be her greatest joy and obsession, as well as her greatest torment, at times. She realised that she could say things with colors, shapes, and textures that she couldn’t say any other way; these are the things for which she has no words.

Leezie Kiambi

Leezie Kiambi