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Lukwago Saad works a primarily with acrylic as it dries quickly and allows him to work faster, he likes to use everything he can get, including pastels, water colours, boards, even creating collages with everyday material such as cut outs from magazines or old clothes.

He loves merging art forms to create special things that a lot of people can relate to – through experimentation is how FEK FEK ART, his artistic collaboration with Jude Kasagga was born. It is a name for a certain style which he describes as borrowing elements of various artistic genres including graffiti, cartoon and print making.

Saad is very interested in faces while he likes to paint them in his own unique way, playing with them and distorting them to make them look different. Another reoccurring element in his paintings is the eye which he plays with for various moods and stories; it serves as an instrument of individualization.

Lukuwago Saad

Lukuwago Saad




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