Nayianoi Sitonik was born in Kenyan where she has been practicing her art for close to 11 years. She first
pursued her love of art through informal training by mentors. Additional exhibitions and workshops
follow in the wake of where she was living at the time.

Sitonik curated and set up an exhibitions for children from PCEA bulbul and Kibera who went ahead to win
the annual (MASK Price). She has held numerous children’s workshops at Invisible crown (Nairobi) and
Anidan (Lamu).

Her work is dynamic in medium, but the focus is always on humanity and nature using aerosol cans
(graffiti), oil, acrylic amongst others. She has painted murals and conducted a workshop in Rwanda on
women empowerment, in Uganda during Afri-cans street festival and Kenya at the French embassy
during Bastille day as well as at the KRA authority.

Nayianoi's personal works have been collected privately in homes, offices and galleries across Africa and
Europe. She has exhibited at Banana Hill Art Gallery (Nairobi), Hawkeye art gallery (Australia), Museum of Kenya, Shift Eye Art Gallery, Diani Gallery to name the least.

Nayianoi Sitonik

Nayianoi Sitonik



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