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Nega, the founder and proprietor of Negaart, was born and raised in Ethiopia. Nega has now become a household name among those practising art on the African continent. As an artist, he strives to take art-loving people on a journey with him as he creates his experimental art.

He holds a Bachelor of Art Degree in Fine Arts, and has taken part in international art exhibitions in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, France, as well as throughout Europe and the USA.

As a native of Ethiopia, Mr. Nega’s paintings suggest the spirit of Africa with glowing colours and the frequent use of traditional African characters.

He prefers impressionist painting and employs what he refers to as irregular marks and impulsive brush strokes. This allows him to enjoy showing artistic impressions of his paintings and work depicting African illustrations.

It's as if you're taking them aboard your ship and sailing them to your world. People must be able to recognise themselves in your work. A realistic painting may represent one person's point of view, but abstract art has the ability to communicate with people all over the world.

Music, like painting, is an important part of his life, and he enjoys playing instruments and writing lyrics. Mr. Nega has been painting since childhood, participating in national and international competitions.

Nega Yilma

Nega Yilma



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