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"Sebastian Kiarie is a self-taught artist from Ngecha village, Kenya. His exposure to painting started with pictorial sign paintings found on storefronts and other buildings.

Drawing theme lines from books, newspapers and experiences involving people in his community, Kiarie's paintings offer unique figuration. They are often translations of events that employ selected imagery. His interest in personal mythology and symbolism is evident in his work, which integrates a fascinating visual language.

Kiarie is a founding member of the Ngecha Artists' association, a platform expected to enhance and motivate artists within Kenya. In 1995, he won a major national art competition and in 1999 he had his first solo exhibition in Nairobi at the Gallery of Contemporary East African Art. He has attended various workshops in Kenya, Zambia and the United States and has had group exhibitions in Japan, Germany and Zimbabwe.

Kiarie’s art is both held in private and public collections, locally and internationally and is a celebrated artist in the East African region."

Sebastian Kiarie

Sebastian Kiarie




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