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Wanyu Brush is a Man of few words, but his art speaks volumes. The painter born in 1947 Limuru, Kenya expresses his thoughts on canvas. His pieces are packed with advice and emotions. Brush attended primary school in Ngecha; the town on the outskirts of Nairobi where he has set his home and studio.

Decades ago, Brush (formerly known as John Njenga) decided that his name should represent his artistic outlook. “Wanyu Brush” translates to “I am your brush.” The name is befitting as Brush is recognized as one of East Africa’s founding fathers of contemporary art. He also chose the name "Brush" to signify the literal progress or “brushing forward” of his career.

Brush is modest about his work, describing himself simply as an abstract painter. But his large colorful oil paintings of humans and animals and heads and faces all intertwined and weaving stories of envy, corruption, love and violence, suggest tireless hours of thoughts and commitment. In 2011, Brush’s painting entitled “Never, Never, Never Again!’ fetched millions of shillings, a record for Gallery Watatu at the time.

Wanyu Brush

Wanyu Brush




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