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African Life Celebrations

African Life Celebrations

3 - 30 June, 2023

Enter the intriguing universe of the solo show by Jeff Wambugu at Banana Hill Art Gallery. Immerse yourself in a figurative portrait-focused artistic adventure from June 3 to June 30, 2023.

In his figurative portraiture, Wambugu possesses a remarkable talent for capturing the soul of people. He imbues each brushstroke with life and creates enthralling and emotive portraits by paying close attention to every last detail and having a great knowledge of human emotions.

Join us as we explore Wambugu's figurative portraits to learn more about the complex fabric of human experience. Behold the ability of art to reveal the richness and variety of personal lives while honouring our common humanity.

This one-man show demonstrates Wambugu's mastery of the figurative genre and his capacity to arouse a wide range of emotions in the viewer. Don't pass up this rare chance to witness the transforming impact of his figurative portraits. At the Banana Hill Art Gallery, see you there!


Jeff Wambugu


Jeff Wambugu



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