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Unspoken Hero

Unspoken Hero

4 – 31 May, 2024

Banana Hill Art Gallery is proud to present "Unspoken Hero," an exhibition by the talented artist Mike Kyalo. From May 4 to May 31, immerse yourself in a visual narrative that pays homage to the unsung heroes in our midst.

"Unspoken Hero" is a poignant exploration of everyday courage and resilience. Through a series of evocative artworks, Mike Kyalo shines a light on the often-overlooked acts of bravery and strength that define the human experience.

Join us at Banana Hill Art Gallery and experience "Unspoken Hero." Through Kyalo's masterful use of colour, form, and texture, each artwork tells a story of courage, perseverance, and the indomitable human spirit.


Mike Kyalo


Mike Kyalo



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